XPO Logistics Announces Continuation of Driver Training Program

Named by Forbe’s magazine as one of 2018’s most admired companies, XPO Logistics, Inc., with over 91,000 employees in 1444 locations in 32 countries, announced on January 18 that it would be continuing its national driver training program into 2018. This program promises a full time career as a driver upon graduation, while offering a part-time income while taking the no-cost CDL (commercial driver’s license) training. The aim is to attract at least 800 new employees.

The training at XPO’s driver schools, which are located at the company’s service centers across the United States, allows the students to work as part time dockworkers while enrolled. Driver training, which can cost $5000 at a commercial driving school, is provided at no charge. After completing the course and passing the licensing tests, the students enter a probationary period. Once this period is satisfactorily completed, they are eligible to be come full time XPO drivers, which qualifies them for benefits including 401k, profit-sharing, and health care.

The chief operating officer at XPO Logistics, Troy Cooper, stated “We welcome the opportunity to create quality driving careers for men and women who share our focus on safety. Our driver training program is a tuition-free path to a CDL and a satisfying career, with the added benefit of LTL routes that get our drivers home each night.”
For more info on the program go to www.xpo.com