Logistics Employment Opportunities – Your Handy Guide

In this article we’ll go over some of the forms of logistics employment that are commonly available. Several functions that are closely associated with the disciplines of planning, controlling and managing an effective flow of products, services, information and people is known as logistics. It covers all the steps which are taken to ensure timely delivery of a product or service in a way that attempts to eliminate any possible problems from the point of origin (manufacturer) to the place of destination (customer).

Logistics is said to have evolved from the ancient times of the Greek and Roman dynasties when some people were assigned with the task of ensuring a timely supply of goods, services, food and ammunition to try and ensure an easy passage for the soldiers shedding their blood in the war. These individual were known as ‘Logistikas’.

Nowadays the logistics executives and managers have updated the concept of ancient days’ Logistikas to ensure that there is achievement of business goals and that the tasks related to logistics can be performed at an economical cost under strict deadlines.

There is a continual need for the growth and development of the logistics and transportation sector. As more products and services are consumed in a given economy, there naturally follows a further need for accommodating the transportation of these additional products and services. The volume of passenger traffic is also believed to be affected by the ever-shining wheels of commerce of an economy which is the defacto barometer for measuring growth.

There are enormous logistics employment opportunities available these days, such as :

Commercial Contracts Manager – Makes sure that all the commercial and legal support is provided in relation to the sales, logistics and marketing aspects of an organization.

Logistics Analyst –  Role is to make sure enhanced customer service through cost reductions, process improvements and understanding of warehousing and distribution aspects of the organization.

Lean Implementation Consultant – His role extends to delivering of lean implementation projects with emphasis on human element cultural changes.

Supply Chain Logistics Consultant –  Job is to assist the clients of the organization in leveraging the value of logistics. She also designs various networks and framing of steps to efficiently manage and implement orders of an organization.

Procurement Consultants – This position relates to procurements made by the organization. He must ensure accurate and timely delivery of goods at an economical cost. This requires consultations with vendors, industrial managers, quality managers and the accounts department.

Supply Chain Manager – Role is to make sure that the entire supply chain,  interfaced with the purpose of development, is going in the right direction. Job duties also extend to customer service, production planning, warehousing and material supply.

Asst Manager – Logistics & Stores Is responsible for updating ERP records and negotiating with transport vendors besides being responsible for inventory and material control.

Warehouse Manager – The role of a warehouse manager is to plan, implement and direct the entire operations that concern the warehouse. His role also extends to bar-coding, pricing and maintenance of documentary records.

Thus, the logistics and transportation sector are considered to be an important criterion in judging the overall growth and development of an economy. All organizations, irrespective of their size and employment capacity, must realize the importance of the role played by logistics in the achievement of the goals of the organization, which creates these and other logistics employment opportunities on a regular basis.