Creating A Logistics Business Plan – Questions To Consider

Most companies will find that clearly establishing a proper logistics business plan is every bit as important as planning or controlling any of the other many facets of the organization. Here we will attempt to point out the steps required and identify which personnel will be assigning responsibilities and performing the tasks.


The logistics business plan must be clearly defined so that there is no confusion or vagueness in the content that could interfere with accomplishment of the desired objectives of the organization.

While drafting a logistics plan, one must keep in mind all possible present and future scenarios. The ascertainment of future conceivable scenarios can be made by a logistics department manager with the ability to carefully plan, analyze and implement forecasts to a considerable extent on the behalf of the enterprise. He must ensure that he has the answers to the following questions which are regarded as basics while providing a foundation to any of the business plans. They are as follows:

1. What is the purpose of writing the logistics business plan? 2. Does the organization really need this plan at this stage? 3. What would be the expectations of its readers? 4. Who is to be in charge of this business plan? 5. Who is likely to benefit and otherwise be affected by this new plan? 6. Would this plan be fruitful in the coming years? 7. What would be the responsibilities of the personnel? 8. What would be the level of training of such personnel? 9. What are the expectations and suggestions of the people for whom it is going to be drafted? 10. Would this plan result in future development of the enterprise?

It would be worth considering any concerned areas which could be as follows: * Insurance * Legal Services * Information Technology * Banking * Travel * E-Commerce or Merchant Banking * Real Estate * Website development.

The logistics business plan must be organized in a manner that each of the involved personnel knows her duties and roles and makes sure that the duties assigned to her are performed on time. This would make sure that the plan is at least worth a try. The plan’s success would be dependent on the entire organization and a good logistics business plan will benefit the whole organization. This would require a high level of understanding and coordination in all departments of the company, each giving their best towards the attainment of common goals.