A Career In Logistics – Is It Right For You?

With the passage of time, logistics has been a revelation- offering enormous opportunities to many people. A career in logistics can offer exciting challenges, early responsibility and travel opportunities, along with excellent remuneration.

Logistics today have become a boardroom issue and it is often seen that companies nowadays are seeking personnel at all levels to deliver a sustaining improvement in the supply chain management. This obviously needs a vision and the drive to excel and this is the quality which differentiates the superior logistic manager from the run-of-the-mill one.

A logistic manager is responsible for collaborating with the other officers of the company such as purchasing officers, transport and warehouse managers, to ensure that the goods produced or sold by the company are received in the company’s depot on time. A logistic manager is also responsible for making sure that the goods are stored in a proper and safe manner in addition to looking after their timely dispatch. This, of course is done through the medium of specialist computer packages, monitoring the levels of stock, tracking the movement of the goods and when necessary, re-ordering goods on behalf of the company. He may also be assigned duties relating to packaging of goods and ordering process. He is also, at times, assigned the task of analyzing the prevailing systems and networks and to make plans for the development of new systems and networks for enhancing efficiency.

To begin a career in logistics, a degree in a subject related to logistics, such as supply chain management or transport management would surely be an advantage. The person who intends to get into this field must demonstrate the ability to analyze data. A handle on transportation, geography and other business-related subjects would be an added advantage.

One may also opt for higher degrees such as M.Sc. in supply chain management, transport management or logistics. This would surely add to his credentials and would help him get started in a career in logistics.

The qualities which are required in a logistics manager are the abilities that relate to managing, coordinating, and enhancing complete supply chain management. The person must have a high degree of analytical, numerical and geographical know-how. A capability to think on his feet and manage people would come in very handy. The knowledge of IT packages and methods of electronic communication such as Internet and email etc. would also be important. Any individual hoping to build a career in logistics must be able to perform under strict deadlines and to prioritize their work and be a self-motivator.

Multitudes of organizations worldwide- from small firms to multinational companies, employ logistics managers. The organizations may range from wholesalers, manufacturers, local government, electricity suppliers, armed forces and charity institutions. Other careers similar to a logistics job might be freight forwarder, retail manager and marketing executive. Note that logistics managers may need to work on a rotational basis depending upon the requirements of their respective organization.